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"It's our call and our duty to be transformative in the lives of all
God's people."

Rev. Dr. Silvester Beaman
2021 Candidate for Bishop

We welcome you to Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Wilmington, Delaware and invite you to share in the Bethel experience. We are an inner-city church whose vision is: “Fulfilling God’s Plan Doing Ministry.”

Our mission is “TO FOSTER THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE CONGREGATION AND NEIGHBORHOOD AND ENHANCE THE QUALITY OF LIFE FOR ALL GOD’S PEOPLE THROUGH WORSHIP, INSPIRATION, SOCIAL NEEDS AND DISCIPLESHIP.” We believe that the greatest response to the grace, favor and mercies of God is to be an extension of His beneficence. Therefore, we offer to our members and the greater metropolitan Wilmington community a diverse and broad selection of ministries and initiatives. These ministries have been strategically developed to holistically minister to the individual spiritually, physically and socially.

Bethel AME Church

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